Products Recessed LUPA-PS218






Recessed T8 prismatic lighting fixtures 2X18W

Rececssed T8 LED prismatic lighting fixture 2X9W

1. Watt: 2X18W T8 fluorescent/ 2X9W T8 LED 

2. 0.50mm thick steel thickness

3. Color: White

4. With 3 years guaranteed Philips/Osram/Chinese good quality magnetic or electronic ballasts 

    or with good quality Philips led tube 9w

5. Dimension: 295x595mm / 300x600mm

6. With good quality 0.80 mm2 copper electric wires

7. With PC lampholders

8. With imported prismatic cover

9. With earthing wiring

10. Cable plugs and electric wires are optional and available

11. Packing: 2PCS/carton. Master carton for export pack.

12. Application: It is suitable to be used in offices, hospitals, schools, libraries, commercial buildings, etc.

13. Recessed mounted